I joked before moving to Savannakhet that worst case scenario, the experience would be my Walden, my venture away from an urban area to the tranquility of a small town. Fittingly, our house has a large pond and while Savannakhet is a bit more lively than expected, the laid back pace of life here makes it a particularly relaxing spot. The daily routine consists of tea and breakfast out on our porch, overlooking the pond, and sometimes the other teachers come over for an afternoon of fishing, grilling, and beer.

Sit back, grab a cold Beer Lao, and check out these pictures.

IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9312 IMG_9315 IMG_9319 IMG_9320 IMG_9327 IMG_9333 IMG_9335 IMG_9338 IMG_9340 IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9344 IMG_9350 IMG_9353 IMG_9355 IMG_9356 IMG_9357 IMG_9359 IMG_9360 IMG_9362 IMG_9364 IMG_9366 IMG_9373


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