In which Courtney gets sad about strays.

Courtney loves animals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite a fan of furry ones as well, but Courtney loves animals. This means bursting into tears at our field trip to That Luang upon seeing a weak kitten with barely enough strength to stumble around near our feet. This means considering stealing a puppy from off the streets. This means looking into adopting a dog from a departing expat and hoping to fly said furbaby back to the States at the end of our year. This level of compassion for animals is incredibly endearing and speaks volumes to Courtney’s peacemaker personality. But whenever she has an emotional outburst over this issue, I – like any good friend – laugh and take photos. Here’s a smattering of these moments, at That Luang and beyond.

ThatLuang-1 ThatLuang-2 ThatLuang-3 ThatLuang-4 ThatLuang-5 ThatLuang-6 ThatLuang-7 ThatLuang-8 ThatLuang-9 ThatLuang-10

ThatLuang-11 ThatLuang-12 ThatLuang-13 ThatLuang-15 ThatLuang-16 ThatLuang-17 ThatLuang-18 ThatLuang-19 Puppy-1 Puppy-2 Puppy-3 Puppy-4 Puppy-5


3 thoughts on “In which Courtney gets sad about strays.

  1. AWWWWW! I’m torn with nearly crying myself, and wanting to pick them up, to hoping she doesn’t get inflicted with scabies (or some other horrible thing which I don’t even know what it is). Take care, and hope all your shots protect :-), Elizabeth

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