Today’s the day!

In just a few hours I officially start my Fulbright journey. Over the span of about 43 hours I will make my way to Laos, with a quick break to hang out in Bangkok for a bit.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since I found out my departure date and have tried to cram an entire summer into the span of a few weeks. Nevertheless, my bags are packed (with most of my free space dedicated to yarn & books), I’m all caught up with Netflix shows (Bloodline is really good, go watch it), and I’ve said goodbye to my friends, family, and (most importantly) my dog. I’m at exactly the weight limit for both my check-ins because I’m a horrible pack rat and always overpack. 
I had this amusing exchange with a guy at Chase while trying to set up a travel alert: 
Him: And what country will you be traveling to? 
Me: Laos
Him: And what country is that in? 
Me: … Laos 
I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why I picked Laos and conversations like this are part of the reason why. Given facts like it is the most bombed country per capita thanks entirely to the U.S., it’s striking how little most people (myself included, prior to this) know about it. I’m hoping I can share my experiences with people back home and raise some more awareness about the country. 
I’m extremely excited for everything this opportunity has to offer and though I’m unsure of what exactly to expect, I’m certain it’ll be worth blogging about… so until then, sok dee der!

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