T minus what?!

It’s official – the tickets are booked and I’m heading to Laos on July 16th!

The last few days have been a bit hectic. I found out on Wednesday that our orientation wouldn’t be starting early August (as we had initially been told), but rather mid-July. Meaning… I’m leaving in less than a month. I’m over my initial shock, but it’s still going to be a hectic month(ish) in which I have to:

  • Help host Anuj’s graduation party
  • Maybe go to Anuj’s orientation at Iowa State
  • Go to DC for 5 days for Fulbright Pre-departure Orientation
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July in the States for the first time in 3 years
  • Go to Boston for a few days
  • Pack for a year abroad
  • Binge watch Orange Is The New Black (which I still haven’t started – I know, I’m a horrible, horrible person)

Totally doable, right?!

I also got my placement this early this week. I’ll be at Savannakhet University. At about 120,000 people, it’s the second “biggest” city in Laos, after the capital, Vientiane. It’ll definitely be a big change, but from talking to a couple of the current ETAs placed there, it’s a great community that will be a very authentic Laos experience. Plus, they have a dinosaur museum, so I’m set.

That’s all for now! More updates about packing and whatnot after orientation in DC.


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