Random Valencia Updates: May

The beginning of the month began with me getting my phone stolen, much to my dismay. Luckily, Matt was able to unlock the old iPhone I had been using as an iPod and Myles (American from Wisco) had a spare SIM card, so I was able to replace it at no (financial) cost. Also early on in the month was a post-Ibiza boat party, because only good things come from taking college students on a several month vacation and putting them on a boat with 50 cent shots.

I got some incredibly exciting news about a week in; I had applied to be a student ambassador to a small town in Japan and found out that I had been selected to represent CHP and Champaign Rotary in the town of Yanai this year (In fact, I’m typing this up from there right now! 🙂 ). Aside from being an incredibly cool opportunity, I was thankful not to have to look elsewhere for something productive to do this summer (REUs were off the table because of how late UPV’s semester goes). Yippee! You’ll hear more about that later, but many of my hours for the rest of the month were spent looking for reasonable flights that didn’t have 40-hour travel times.

The highlight of the month was definitely Matt’s visit. As soon as he finished finals, he actually hopped on a plane to Valencia. Unlike last time, he actually had a valid passport this time and I couldn’t have been more excited. We romped around the city, hitting up the science museum in the City of Arts and Sciences with Alyssa, which was incredibly interactive and lots of fun. And, of course, we took a quick trip to Morocco. Whoo.


I was particularly sad to see him go, because his departure meant the arrival of the second round of exams, another harrowing experience that made me and Maddie want to pull my hair out. Regardless, May flew by rather speedily and before long, it was my last month in Valencia. (Only a few more posts about Spain too!)


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