Random Valencia Updates: April

It’s incredibly weird to be writing this two months later, but I’m still determined to (eventually) get everything transferred from the notes in my beat up Moleskine to a more legible, coherent format on here (let me pretend this is coherent, okay? Kthnx.) So, onwards I trudge. 

April began with the whirlwind adventures of Easter break, the excitement of which soon fizzled out upon returning to several exams. Most went alright (read: I passed), but Termodinamica Química (Chemical Thermodynamics, in Spanish) I failed laughably. I don’t feel terribly guilty because we realized the regular Thermodynamics course we intended to take was actually a prerequisite class for this course. Yay, organized school system. Regardless, the way classes work is that there are generally two exams per class. If you fail either, you can make those points up during the final, which may replace either or both exam. According to my mentor, lots of students slack off the entire semester, then try and make up all the points at the final. As tempting as that sounds, I’d rather take as few finals as necessary so will (hopefully) not be employing this strategy. 


Mid-April, Rahul came to visit, flying in from Copenhagen, where he is studying this semester. We had a lovely dinner at Tinto Fino Ultramarino, went to the beach, walked around the city center and got paella and Agua de Valencia (not water at all…), and went to 100 Montaditos, giving Khloe a good taste of the city. #cutelyfe He kept remarking how cheap everything was, which makes me shudder to think exactly how expensive living in Copenhagen would be. We had a smashing good time and I wish I had time to fly out to Denmark while he’s there, but I don’t think the flight-lords are smiling upon this endeavor. Bummer. 


The rest of April raced by rather quickly. We went to a Borgore concert one night. We should have known it would be super intense, with a massive moshpit and lots of head banging – to the point where my neck was aching the next day – lots of fun. The following night, we went to Oktoberfest. In April. In Spain. Right. Naturally, Germans and Austrians made up the majority of our group and we had a jolly good time standing on benches and singing to live music and drinking beer by the liter and actually swinging our arms back and forth like cartoon parodies of Germans. Valentin’s roommate wore lederhosen – how’s that for an authentic experience? Afterwards, we went to a club nearby in the city center and I had a silent secret dance battle with Laurin. Yup. That was April. 


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