Random Valencia Updates: February

A few random snippets about life in Valencia…

– The City of Arts and Sciences is absolutely gorgeous. It’s only 15 minutes away from my flat and the series of buildings with modern architecture and several small bodies of water. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen and incredible to photograph at night. There was a Harlem Shake video filmed there that a bunch of my friends were in and at nights/weekends, there’s a club in one of the buildings. In the summer, apparently, it opens up onto the open air area, which should be gorgeous. I have yet to go to the museums on the campus, but it’s on my Valencia bucket list for sure.

– Though I have a Mercadona (basic grocery store) right across the street from me, I like to go to other grocery stores to look for more ingredients, seeing as otherwise, there’s pretty limited choices. There’s several other stores nearby, luckily, and I’ve found a few I really like. Near the City of Arts and Sciences there’s a massive Carrefour that has all sorts of international items. Within a 10 minute walk of my place, there’s an Indian/Asian market that has pretty much every Indian ingredient imaginable. Thanks to these places, I’ve been able to make – amongst other things – butter chicken, squid ink pasta with spicy crab, salted caramel and chocolate chip cookies, and curry mango stir fry. Om nom nom.

– A common practice within our group here is having potlucks. It’s an easy way to meet people in smaller settings and, best of all, involves food. One night, we had Brinner with a few of the Brits, which included pancakes, oatmeal, and copious amounts of Nutella. It was delicious and definitely requires a repeat. I’ve found that the name of my blog is rather fitting. 🙂

– We love the Germans(peakers). Particularly, we love making fun of them occasionally. It’s okay, because they laugh at us too. We discovered that the Germans can’t pronounce “squirrel,” after looking up words that are hard for foreigners to pronounce. This has been brought up several times, with hilarious results. One website put it accurately, “They nail the ‘squ,’ and then it all goes to hell!” Even funnier, the German word for “squirrel” is actually pretty difficult for Americans to pronounce: “eichhörnchen.” Mutual laughing at each other ensues.

– from Mar. 20


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