Hello, WordPress!

More than half-way through my year abroad, I got an e-mail saying that the previous blogging service I used to (albeit tardily) document my adventures across the Atlantic was shutting down. Yippee. Considering I’d still like to eventually finish up my records, I’m going to try and shift things over to here, primarily so I can look back on them later. Bear with me as this means my already delayed posts are going to be even more delayed as I work on reposting older pieces.

In the meantime, here’s a general life update. I officially have less than a month left in Spain. During that time, I have at least 4 exams (Molecular Markers, Fluid Mechanics, Termodynamica Quimia, and Transferencia del Calor), a so-far unplanned trip to Barcelona, and many heartfelt goodbyes. I still don’t know the date I’m leaving; I’m in the process of looking for flights to Yanai, Japan, where I’ll be spending the end of June and majority of July before heading back to Spain and then, finally, home. It’s crazy to think that I’m spending about half of 2013 abroad and I’m incredibly thankful every time I think about the opportunities I’ve had thus far.

Well. I’ll work on updating this soon, but for now, back to re-watching Arrested Development before seeing season 4. Whoo.


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